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The demand for cloud based solutions has reached unprecedented levels and with the combined public and private cloud revenues now representing 46.1% of the total worldwide IT infrastructure spend, it is difficult to see how this will change.
AWS, Microsoft, Google and other major vendors have experienced up to 40% year on year growth ensuring that the competition for talent is stronger than ever.
We manage a network of Cyber Security professionals all year round in over 14 countries. Maintaining high quality relationships with the most in demand and difficult to reach people provides our clients with a significant competitive advantage. 
As a result, our expertise and network are relied upon by some of the world's leading technology companies. 


Typical roles:
  • Consultant / Advisor
  • Architect
  • Developer
  • Engineer, Deployment, Technical Implementation
  • Security / Penetration Testing
  • Project Manager
Cloud Services:
  • Digital Identity - IAM
  • Strategy & Risk
  • Data Protection & Privacy - GDPR
  • Infrastructure Security (Network, Endpoint, Cloud Mobile & IoT)
  • Enterprise Applications Security
  • Cyber Defence

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